World Environment Day-Bonnie D


On the 5th of June, it was World Environment Day the last Friday we got notes handed out saying that for World Environment Day we were meant to wear blue. That morning in assembly, it was like sitting in a sea of blue. The people with the most blue got these blue cards, which they had to present to get a prize. The prize was a little glass frog. From our class Conor and Greer got a blue card. After assembly, we went and spent some time with our buddy class. Our buddy class is Chantel’s class. My buddy is a prep called Manyata. In my group, there was Angus, Max and Boston but since Boston and max were away, it was only me, my buddy and Angus. These groups were for an experiment we are going to do with our friends. When we were finished the experiment we ate lunch with our friends and then continued with our day nothing else about world environment day until the last session when we got an incursion about electric bikes. The man teaching us was named beau. Half things he taught us were really new to us. I had a lot of fun.

Hoop time- Angus


On the 2nd of August, the 3/4 Area went to Hooptime with the 5/6 coaches. My team at hoop time was called the Suns. My coach was very good, (I know this because we won all our games) and we had lots of fun. Our first match was against BN Bulls. We beat the bull out of them! I was in power forward when I scored our team’s first goal.

Our second match was against BN bears. We won 22-0. I reckon we should have scored more considering we were BSWPS’s top team. The next team we played was the BN breakers. No easier. We won 16-2. My coach said we should win the next one because we beat them in a practice match. We won 18-4 against BSWPS Swans.


Bye! By Angus

ELENA- hooptime post


On the 2nd of august

We went to Hooptime in Coburg North and played against other schools from all around Brunswick. The schools were Brunswick North and a German school. My times were 1pm,  11:35 and 2pm.  We won one game and lost three. The other schools were good. I was in team yellow with Mansi, Ethan, Vicky, Emily, Ella and Seth who was good at shooting and got a goal by standing past the three-point line it was incredible I ran and gave him a hug I almost pushed him over! I jumped with joy



hoop time- Declan

Hoop time

Yay hoop time is today (3/8/17)! We hopped on the bus at about 9:15. Then there was about 1 hour drive to hoop time. Then are team had a game at 10:00. We won it! After that, we had a 30-minute wait until the next game. After the wait we won again the next game we lost by I think two points. And the same for the next game. I had lots of fun

My Australia, Vaibhav

Mainland Australia is the world’s largest island but also the smallest continent. The country is divided into six states and two territories.


  • Queensland

It is Australia’s second largest state in size and is home to the world’s famous Great Barrier Reef. The capital is Brisbane.

  • South Australia

It is in the southern central part of the country and covers some of the most arid parts of the continent. It is also known as the Festival State. The capital is Adelaide.

  • Tasmania

It is separated from mainland Australia by the Bass Strait and is the smallest state in Australia. Hobart is Australia’s second oldest capital city after Sydney.

  • Victoria

It is the smallest of the mainland states in size but is home to the country’s second most populated city, Melbourne. Often referred to nation’s cultural capital. Melbourne is famed for its graffiti laneways, fashion forward boutiques and booming café scenes.

  • Western Australia

It is Australia’s largest state. Its capital city is Perth the fourth most populous city in Australia and it is known for its mines.

  • New South Wales

It is Australia’s oldest and most populous state. The state is home to popular attractions including the Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley wine region. Sydney is the capital city of NSW and is the largest city of Australia.



  • Northern Territory

At the top end lies the NT. Alice Springs is the most popular town and it is at the nation’s geographical centre. NT is also popular for Ayers Rock and Kakadu National Park. NT’s capital is Darwin.

  • Australian Capital Territory

ACT is the centre of government and Canberra is its capital. It has the Parliament house.


Table which shows the average climate and population of each capital city of Australia:

State/territory Capital Population Average climate
Queensland Brisbane Over 2.3 million Jan – 26°C

July 15°C

Feb is wettest

Western Australia Perth Over 2.04 million Jan – 25°C

July 13°C

June is wettest

New South Wales Sydney Over 5 million Summers 26°C, winters 16°C
South Australia Adelaide Over 1.3 million Summers 29°C, winters 15°C
Victoria Melbourne Over 4.5 million Jan – 21°C

July 10°C

May is wettest

Tasmania Hobart Over 220,000 Summers 11.5 to 21°C, winters 5 to 12.3°C
Northern territory Darwin Over 140,000 Avg. from 24.7 to 32°C
Australian capital territory Canberra Around 390,000 Jan – 21°C

July 6°C March  is wettest


My holidays-Ollie

On the holidays…

…I went…


When we got there🚘 I played (threw rocks in the stream) with my sister…

For a long time.

After that I played some more.

Edith* and I took some

Pictures of the place.

Then we gathered firewood for

The fire.

Dad started cooking dinner🍔🍔 and Edith was looking at the duck’s.

I found a…


It had two stones in the middle and a little water fall.

Then we climbed a really steep hill.

It was getting dark.🌜

We climbed back down just in time.

We then had dinner.

Then we slept.


*my sister